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Sunday, October 7, 2018

M is for Mixed Menagerie of Mermaids

The title covers it, a few mixed mermaids - representing all the main toy-use polymer groups!

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At the back right is the Resin one we saw a while ago, still available from The Works, leaning against her is a small gum-ball/capsule machine charm in a hard, undecorated styrene.

To their right (the viewers left) is another resin lump, a recent purchase from Penn Plax and one of a set of Disney stuff for fish tanks, note how much better finished it is than their treasure chest, or Easter Island statues.

In front of that lump is a little polypropylene 'Polly Pocket' type thing of the same Disney Ariel/Little Mermaid figurine, probably Bluebird/Kenner for Disney Stores? The tatty-paint pair between the two Ariel's are polyethylene Hong Kong lumps from the 1970's, I suspect they belong with a group of rather eclectic sculpts which include a turtle with gwee-tar and a W-shaped sea-serpent?

At the front is a clear-blue, polystyrene, cocktail-glass decoration I rescued from a party in Berlin in the 1980's (and one of the oldest-sitting non-25mm figures in my collection), unmarked but likely a Hong Kong generic, although the Germans had lots of plastic novelty makers a few years earlier, so it could be domestic production?

The other bright-blue tailed-girl is an unmarked - probably 'China' - mermaid, similar to but not Soma (who's mermaids' are better sculpts), she's probably from a generic 'Toob', rack-toy or possibly via cake-decorating? She's a modern substitute PVC-like rubber/elastomer.

You can judge the scales from the approximately 28mm Polly Pocket alike.

That's a mixed menagerie of mermaids!

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