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Thursday, October 18, 2018

News, Views Etc . . . Barney's Site and Maths Shite

Latest update from Barney Brown's Herald site was announcing Swoppet mounted had come in, but it was a few days ago, still; worth a visit as there was other stuff come-in;

Also, and specific to this morning's post here, Barney has one of the Kleeware stage coaches;

Buyer's keepers, loser's weepers!


Meawhile and ONLY for those of you who enjoy mathematics (crazy nut-jobs!), here's a maths problem for you, it's all about Toy Soldiers, and no - I don't care! I've got Asperger's - I can't add a shopping-list up to the same total two times in ten tries, as far as maths is concerned I'm a retard!


We should have a picture . . .

How they come in; . . . a quid-fifty's worth the other day, charity shops, a somebody-cat Thundercat, a Wickie the Wiking! And an interesting, seemingly pretty current, copy of the Elastolin farmer, but from China, in hard polystyrene. I know, bloody action-figure, how did I end up with an action figure? Because it's Thundercats and quite small, is how . . . and 50p; it was dirt cheap!

Vicky looks like she's killed an Imperial Dalek; a baby one, and is wearing its skirt . . . as a skirt! Or, at least I think it must be an updated, feisty, teenage, 'chicky-babe' Vicky, as the Heimo originals were a much younger 'cutesy' sculpt? She may also be Phidal?

Google (upon posting) says 'No!', not Wicky, nor Vicky (or even Ficky, but that's rude!) does anyone know who she is? Soft PVC?


Terranova47 said...

I stand with you in responce to this math problem. I do not understand the questions let alone solving them.

Hugh Walter said...

You either can or you can't with maths, and the 'cans' are some alien minority, bent on . . . err . . . something nefarious to do with shopping lists - I'm sure!


Anonymous said...

She's Astrid from the "How to train your Dragon" franchise of Films,

Hugh Walter said...

What a star you are anonymous Sir or Madame! And I was only looking at a boardgame/puzzle thing of it the other day (no figures!) but didn't make the connection . . . [Googles] . . . and she is Phidal, How to Train Your Dragon 2

Thanks Anaon!