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Monday, October 22, 2018

News, Views Etc . . . Saturday's Post

 Text-colour 'typo' sorted from Saturday, it happens occasionally, it's when you copy something from hot-mail into word, it retains a hidden layer of coding or something, hey-ho!


It's a bit early but it's only ten weeks away! Suddenly my couple or three is looking inadequate, I love the misserable looking confenderate general! And Star Wars? Too cool for nut-cracking school!


And a lovely collection of Sikhs . . .



Terranova47 said...

That is one fascinating collection of nutcrackers. Well done finding the article.

It seems a bit churlish that the Canadian Sikh exhibit is only for three days and that some of the comments complain about the wearing of the turban by men who served their country. When British commandos stormed St Nazaire a number of Scots changed into kilts against regulations, should they have been put on a charge?

Hugh Walter said...

As I may need to seek asylum in Hibernia, post-Bwreakshit I would say, no Sir! They should have been free and encouraged to wear what they felt most comfortable to fight for freedom & democracy in!