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Monday, October 8, 2018

News, Views Etc...Plastic Warrior No.172

Came-in last week? Maybe a week or two ago, I'm so busy, I'm re-reading it/reading it properly for the first time as I do the review! Another corking issue with something for everyone . . . 

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* The issue kicks off with a wonderful four-page, evocative piece from Peter Nussbaum on Normans (and Saxons) using the imagery of the Bayeux Tapestry to weave (sorry!) through the story
* An auction report on a sale at Willington Auctions reveals some interesting 'Britains archive' figures with assistance from Sarah at the auction house
* Peter Evans studies Polytoys from Monaco, I can pink-text a past post now!
* Daniel Morgan returns with an unscheduled 'Herald Notes & Queries' looking at the Robin Hood set and some of its anomalies
* While Michael T. Hyde also returns with another of his lovely round-ups of ecclesiastical subjects, looking - this time - at Nuns
* Recent production under the Lineol branding is compared to its Airfix donors by Andreas Dittmann
* A return to Napoleon from PL Cunha is most welcome, I still remember the first one (issue 154) and this is another fine line-up of Emperor-corporals!
* Fred Barratt expands on his Elastolin cover shots with more of the same and some blurb!

'What The !&*$?' has five queries for subscribers' to ponder-over.
  • Anon seeks help on two cowboys who look very Crescent compatible but aren't!
  • Brian Heaps asks a pertinent question about the Olympic Sportsmen and who actually made them - I would add they come is different sets, colours and sizes!
  • Marx-alikes (or Heimo-alikes!) need further identification for Rainer Maul
  • Mathias Berthoux seeks more on RP variants
  • The figures we saw here from Chris Smith (link) still need further work, it looks like they may prove to be SAE!
* Replicants are looked at by Tom Stark, with revised Highlanders of the '15 and the '45
* The plastic version of Barrett & Sons coronation coach is discovered by Colin Penn
* A follow-up to Scalextric shows some of the figures on David Pomeroy's bench, highlighted by the editor.

Regular Features
* 'NEWS and VIEWS and other stuff ' covers
  • There's some data protection nonsense
  • The death of toy show promoter Bill Lango is reported by Paul Stadinger
  • Tiger Hobbies announce a shipment of Plastic Platoon into the UK
  • C&T Auctions next date is posted (12th December 2018)
  • A request for pictures of Solido Belge boxed or carded sets - to the Editor please
  • An explanation of the small ads regimen!
* 'Readers Letters' include
  • Peter Cole muses on boxing and figure size
  • Thanks for the recent PW show from Brian Heap
  • Graham Apperly likewise waxes lyrical on both show and magazine
  • Memories of Airfix's diminutive figures comes from John Purse
  • Colin Penn discovers Klutz figures with card play-sets in charity shops
  • Peter Watson follows up on Pirates with reference to the movies
  • More on box sizing from Thomas Stark and John Rafferty who also asks about suitable glues for figures
  • Pascal Crouchet follow-up on his own previous Hugonnet Elizabethans with some Café Pecheur ones!
  • Chris Goddard ID's figures from two articles in PW171
  • Brian Shorthouse attempts to drink too much rum - the editor tells him you can't!
* 'What's New' covers recent releases from;
  • Plastic Platoon - Vietnam era GI's (with news of scenics; available from Tiger Hobbies in the UK)
  • Chintoys / Engineer Basevich (via Steve Weston)
o   Conquistadores (Chintoys set 009)
o   Zapotec's Azteks (Chintoys set 015)
o   Russian Medieval Nomads (EB set 23)

Plus all the usual readers small-ads and a commercial supplement

Covers - Elastolin Scenes by Yves Escarre photographed by Fred Barrett

Contact details, as always, are . . .

And they are on Paypal.

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