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Sunday, December 2, 2018

F is for Follow Up - Highlander Pencil Sharpener

Anon made an excellent suggestion in comments the other day about the possible source of the head for the Hong Kong novelty pencil-sharpener the other day, sadly it doesn't seem to pan-out, but I shot a comparison anyway, and it helps 'prove' Lone Star's plagiarism - if you weren't already decided!

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Years ago when looking at Lone Star Wild West's in someone else's collection I noted the similarity with some of the Britains Herald poses (we looked at some of them last year - in a series of posts I never finished! Must do so!), and they said "Yes, well it's still a bit of a moot point as to who was first", then; a month or two ago, when comparing the Khaki Infantry after Chris Smith's contributions, we saw how they had taken a boot with a bent-toe from Britains and included it in a very different figure - who didn't need a bent-toe!

And here, again we see the lines of the plaid draped down the back of the Lone Star figure (right in both shots) mirror both the Britains original (left) and the Hong Kong copy (centre). He has shorter stumpy legs and the distinctive 'fur' or feather striations of the Lone Star headdress, and is chunkier overall, but basically he's the same pose; conclusion - Lone Star were terrible copyists!

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