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Thursday, January 10, 2019

B is for Box-ticking - Russian Troops - Unknown

Having shown the Starlux for the second time the other day I feel a bit guilty doing it again so soon, as this chap was also on the blog years ago, but given he's still 'unknown' and as I was shooting everything in the fully-round tubs (flats are elsewhere) and for completeness sake here he is again! Not really box-ticking, but then neither was the Ost Deutch passenger, nor - these days - are the Timpo!

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He's a very fine composition (the type still manufactured by the original inventors for the film, furniture & fine-arts' trades; George Jackson Ltd.) or a two-part epoxy (poured resin); it's hard to tell. One of my first large scale, I bought him at a car-boot sale, around 1997/8 specifically for a little display unit I had glued to the wall!

Clearly a Cossack, and I've seen the same pose in two other paint-schemes, I think - possibly in a recent book, or in passing somewhere on the Internet; I can't remember! But he must be known to someone, could the sculpt be a tourist-kiosk thing like our Cavendish/HK figures or a more standard West European-made composition toy? Is it a specific [modern] regiment's ceremonial dress, or a regional thing . . . Russia, Ukraine or further afield?

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