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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

B is for Box-ticking - WWII Russians - Starlux

Heading home (actually we're going East again next), we reach France, were I can only show you a set of figures who appeared on the blog eight or nine years ago! It doesn't happen often, but occasionally things will appear more than once without the excuse of a follow-up or additions!

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Starlux were very clever with their set, producing 5 in summer dress, including a nice female sniper, officer and three troops, along with five in winter dress who include a sneaky-looking NCO who could be a commissar, a goose-stepping sentry for anyone wanting to model some modernist statuary, or a mausoleum, and an office who looks more like a 'White Russian' Imperialist, shooting a Commie'-Bolshie'-people's-Soviet-somebody in the back of the head? . . . Or; am I reading too-much into it?!

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