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Saturday, January 12, 2019

D is for Due to Unforeseen Circumstances . . .

You were supposed to be reading about latex tents here, now, and Dinosaurs & Cavemen tomorrow, but Mr Glenn Sibbald of the near-neighbouring parish of New Zealand sent me a parcel [gratis] of such staggering significance on Thursday, everything rather got put on hold for a few days!

New Zealand's finest - coming soon!

I appreciate - equally - everything anyone does for the blog, whether it's photo's, donations, cheap stuff or other help, it's always humbling people contribute something; time, money, effort or 'stuff' but Glen has gone the extra five-miles on this one, and it's been ten-years in the gestation.

All will be revealed in/over the next week or so, but in being stunned by its arrival (10 'things', 3 carded, 1 boxed; 65 figures), my Thursday night's editing went out of the metaphorical window and today I have to Google board-games, see if a 1970's magazine is still publishing and go in the attic to find a pop-group!

Luckily I'd got the Show dates up a day early, but there'll be nothing here now until Monday afternoon, unless I manage to squeeze-out a quick filler-post tomorrow morning (Friday), and throw it up for Sunday? But if I do I'll add a line here when I post everything tomorrow.

- I have managed a fun collage for Sunday . . .

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