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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

News, Views Etc . . . Bits & Bobs Over the Weekend Etc . . .

Two messages from Barney over at Herald Toys & Models came in over the weekend;

Archive Category
". . .  we have now moved the vast majority of SOLD items to an Archive category with over 900 products to view! To select a particular manufacturer e.g. Speedwell, simply select "Speedwell" from the drop-down menu to show 77 results with prices achieved. Do contact us if you experience any problems with the Archive category . . ."

New Arrivals
". . . this week we have a good collection of Britains Zoo models for sale, including some more interesting colour variants and model make-up cages complete with pools, buckets, feeding stalls and name plates! We also have many more items from the Roger Saunders collection, with more to follow, mostly in great condition. Also, check-out our large number of 'Specials' for all the latest SALE products and "Get Them While They're Hot!" (we always have a vast number of sale items right across our range of categories). . ."


GI Janes?
Meanwhile 'the wire' lit-up on Saturday over the story breaking Thursday which I reported on Friday (they're all in my dust!), so there's now more on the little girl who wants Army Women 'Armymen'!


Original US media articles from Friday's post

Newer Stuff

The irony is, I can well imagine what the Daily Wail and its stable mates will have to say if they even come to market . . . "Normalising the killing of women!", "Militarising the fairer sex!", "Brutalising women!", "Political-correctness gone mad!", you can take your pick or make up your own from the regular language of the tabloids!

But there's an undeniable logic to it; they also serve, they should be in rack-toys!

Shitestuff picked the story up too, also a day late (watching me 'very closely'!), and - of course - TJF managed to get the wrong end of the stick, suggesting the little girl was responding to the BMC plans when she wasn't, she was writing a plea, with no knowledge of the BMC thing, which her mother sent to JaRu and J.Lloyd first! From whence; it went to some local media. But then I've noticed as his war against me progresses that his comprehension skills are no better than his honesty skills, or his grammar!

The drawings on the BMC posts rather remind me of Wayne's Pomeranian Piccolo Players, as rendered by H over at HäT back in 2007-09'ish! Another set that's well-overdue . . . for a [very] limited release?!!


Another obit' for Dad, Daily Telegraphtoday; the trouble with having a war-hero for a father (apart from never living-up to him!) is that the world won't let him go, even after he's definitely left the building!

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