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Thursday, May 21, 2020

News, Views Etc . . . Blog Updates

The re-tagging slowed to a 'lost the will to live' pace, with the Space tag reduced from 227 to 80-something before grinding to a halt! I'll try and get it finished this weekend. I have however finished the abbreviations pages on the A-Z Blogs, they all have one now which is up to date with whatever I've found around and about.

There are a few typo's, I spotted some as I was uploading them, but they'll do for now as a guide, and I will correct over time as I spot them.


I've also sorted the 'favorite links' list after a reader was sent to a porn site! I tried it and went to a less salubrious sales page for white-goods or something (fussa-russa!) but it was obviously going through an aggregator when you watched the .url's toggle through automatically!

It's sad to see old friends dead (some have actually passed, but I meant the destination pages not the owners?), and while I'd left Maggie's Zowies up there for years, knowing it was defunct, because it could still be found - in parts - on the waybackmachine, that is no longer the situation, so it's gone.

Also going were James Opie's site, which seems to have been replaced by his 'area' on the C&T Auctions website, while the 'George Martin (knights)' entry was, errr . . . 'that' George Martin; George . . . RR Martin, who has obviously become a little more well-known than when I added the link back in 2008/9! Consequently a dead-link proved to be sign of a moved page on a vastly enlarged website, rather than a dead page, and I've updated the link to that one, but the link still takes you to the knights, so if you want Game of Thrones stuff, you'll have to navigate away from the knights - shock horror!

Arthur's Men in Miniature and a Jecsan site have both died a death, along with one of the Marx sites and Mr Klimtov's Belgian Durso site. The BMSS site needed a new link although it is still there, but Richard Camp's toy soldier moulds' site has gone along with one of the Britians sites, but I slipped Barney Brown's site into the same slot!

Holly Loves Toys has been excised as it's now a very different concern, still out there, but a very commercial thing, more suited to another place (maybe some A-Z page-holders are the next unfinished project!). Airfix Soldiers has disappeared (as have most of the Airfix pages linked to on the Airfix Blog, so that's another job!

Harfield's was sadly retired, and the comic-book '100-things' site went down ages ago, Mikes Tanks and the Diecast 72 pages have also vanished while Ludo's site link has been changed for the forum address - which is also in the forums list.

Strangely BoardGameGeek had a new landing page, as had the Waddington's site. Seven Wonders is lost along with that fine listing of all known 6x6 truck models? Ships had also migrated to a new server, while we've lost a decent dinosaur site and I haven't got round to replacing it yet. However I have added the Lettraset site as a start to re-filling that links list.


Speaking of the waybackmachine; I've updated the useful sites list as well and sadly replaced Bablefish with the Google-translate page, it's always sad when the little-guy with a good idea gets steamrollered by the corporate giant with their juggernaut of convenience!

So things are bumbling along, it's not like I've claimed to be a professional, or a legend or anything silly like that!

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