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Monday, February 23, 2009

W is for W&T (Wyatt and Tizard)

Classic small run production or 'after market' railway modellers accessories, W&T seem to have made a limited selection of horse-drawn farm implements and accessories, packaging hints at 1960's/early '70's and when I get my files down here I'll see if I have more on this company and a complete listing.

Boxes, substantial heavy card, but off -the-shelf with adhesive labels rather than custom made with full print graphics.

Contents and instruction sheet for the roller (model No.4), the instruction sheet covers 5 different kits, and points to their being 8 in total?

Parts for the Haycart (model No.6), click on the image to look at it in close-up, the detail is quite fine and these were nice castings, the horse is very good, having the look of a specific breed which I think Britains made in 54mm. [Correction; The horse IS a copy of the horse provided with the Britains Lilliput cart, in factory painted metal.]

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