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Monday, February 23, 2009

Y is for Yachts

In collecting small-scale, I have always trawled up all sorts of other items, among which are these yachts, most from Hong Kong, being Christmas cracker novelties or pocket-money rack toys.

The red one with the blue sails, top right is marked 'Made In West Germany' so could be Manurba or Jean (or any of their subsidiaries/partners; Big, Tallon et.al.). Top left has two receiving holes which may be for the deck of a motor boat - which I will cover another day. While the two at the front are also missing their sails, bottom right is marked 'England' and may be Tudor Rose or Kleeware? These are mostly sub-20mm in scale/size.

A whole card of the Rado/Ri-Toys effort, not their finest hour! The sail is plug-in however so you could change them around for a bit of variety.

Also Hong Kong production, sold in the UK by Culpitts as a a cake decoration, I think I'm right in saying this is a copy of an early corgi accessory, but the Corgi collection is still buried so don't quote me on this one, and don't take it as gospel!

Close up of the two figures, the Corgi originals may have come with a motor boat rather than a sail boat?


Chris*4 said...

The two sailing figures are based on Corgi Toys figures. Although there are slight posing differences.

The original Corgi figures were part of Gift Set 36 "Oldsmobile Toronado and Glastron Sportsman Speedboat". The chap was the speedboat's 'diver' and the lady was posed on the back seat near the twin outboard motors.


Maverick Collecting said...

Thanks for that. I didn't realize you'd commented, hope you clicked the eMail replies button, or check back sometime.

Thanks for stopping by.