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Monday, February 16, 2009

Z is for Zizzle

Or is it? Carried in the UK by Vivid, marketed on behalf of Disney. The problem with a lot of this usually short-lived movie related stuff these days, is that by the time half-a-dozen marketing companies, have issued licences to several producers, who've passed them on to their subsidiaries in Kowloon it becomes very difficult to work out who makes what for whom. My A-Z is full of cross-references from two groups, European food premiums of the 1950/60's and modern tie-in production!

These figures - very much in the Galoob 'Action-Fleet' mould - came with two issues of model ships tying-in with the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise. The second issue having two ships from the first issue with an additional Chinese Junk. The figures are around 28mm.

A figure on the deck to give some idea of the size relationship between the vessels and the characters.

The four vessels bobbing about on the briny bed-sheet!


johnpreece said...

Those look rather useful,albeit if one is throwing half them away.

I am enjoying the wide range of figures covered, just a few of which bring back memories.

Thanks for the extensive links list. I shall spend quite a few hours over the next month working through them.

I suspect your Sepoy Brit might be from Willies Sikh war range. Tradition do have a few pictures on their site now.


Maverick Collecting said...

Thanks for that, I bookmarked them a while ago, but never seem to have the time to check them!!

Likewise with the links to the vintage metal guys, on this blog, I always look at the new posts but never seem to find time to compare my figures with their identification guides...such is life, once you have a serious hobby, you need at least two lifetimes to get everything done!!!

I found some lovely painted 20mm Nibblet medievals earlier tonight, which I will try to remember to post when I get back up to N.