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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

S is for Sportsmen set

This is a 'bitty' post, in order to compare the various types/issues I had to spread them all out on the floor, which produced a fuzzy image, so I then took two closer pictures and 'stitched' them, gaining a bit of detail but losing the card! So if you are a fastidious packaging collector, click on the upper photo, if you're more interested in the figures - click on the lower one.

The Originals (shooter, bottom left) were produced as premiums all over the world, and various other sets either influenced the premium set, or were based on it. There are at least ten poses running through the various issues, from left to right (footballer ended up in two files? I'm tired!);
Shooting Competitor
Discus Thrower

Underneath the HK figures are some influencing/based on them, the aforementioned shooter is marked 'Drink Pepsi Cola' in the under-base cavity, but I've seen others. Then, below the Diver/Swimmer we see from left to right; what I think is a Marx UK Swimmer, then the Linde/Jean/Manurba premium then the US Marx 60mm Swimmer and as a bit of a laugh, the old man from the Ideal/Mattel/Hasbro Mouse Trap board game!

Markings and size are the reason for the 7 ranks, and are as follows;
Top row - 54mm, marked 'MADE IN HONG KONG' in similar cavity to Pepsicorp figure.
2nd row - 40mm, Olympic rings base unmarked, with chads.
3rd row - 35mm, solid base with raised lines and 'MADE IN HONG KONG'
4th row - 35mm, chad base with 'H.K'
5th row - 30mm, solid base with uneven 'HONG KONG'
6th row - 30mm, chads with 'HONG' and 'KONG' on separate un-chadded discs
7th row - 28mm, chadded, unmarked.

[For those who don't follow tight elections (or should that be stitch-ups!), chads are the little holes left by punches!]

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