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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A is for Alymer

I thought I had a grand total of 6 of these, but if I did the two mounted ones are missing? Probably swapped for some horrible plastic!! I also know for a fact I got these from John Ruddle at the BMSS, so shout out to him, and the whole post is a knee-jerk reaction to a posting on the 'The Old Metal-detector', which I ran into about an hour ago!...TOM. And he's now added a link to his further explorations of Professor de Gre's collection.

Basic boxed set of two figures, looking at the below photo, you'll notice there are slight differences between the bases, whether this helps the real experts date them or not is open to question?

Closer views of the two pairs in my collection, I'm sure I used to have a mounted Alexander/Greek and a mounted Knight but...

Close-ups showing how he built them up from soft-solder on a frame or armature, they are quite crude, both in paint and execution (the chain-mail appears to have been made with a lino-cutter!), but charming for being each an original. The earliest date from before the war (Garrett dates to 1928), which is why they fetch such silly sums, particularly from US dealers, however these are the more common ones from the 1960'/70's.

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