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Sunday, December 13, 2009

S is for Spacex (LP part 1)

Starting at the end, or ending at the start...if you've been following them! The most collected, but to a certain extent also the most common, the 25mm range, although they're not all the same size, nothing so easy from the HK producers. Marketed by Triang in the UK, and in the US by Multiple Toy Makers as Golden Astronaut, but all (most?) made by LP.

From the top; Hard plastic gunmetal, soft plastic gunmetal, Hard plastic chrome silver, hard plastic chromed gold, hard plastic white. All carry the LP mark except the silvered chrome ones and the four at the bottom and these may be the ones by Hover (a HK for the US company producing similar Spacex stuff), Blue Box or similar. those last four have been painted by the owner.

Note; The white ones and the top row are taller than the others by about 1.5 mm, while the unmarked ones are chunkier mouldings. Gold Chrome are Spacex, the others were mostly carded HK stuff and/or cake decorations, available via Culpitts and similar.

These are the extra figures available with Spacex and Golden Astronaut sets, the four to the left being based on MPC 5 inch figures, the two to the right being based on MPC 50mm figures. The silver one above the row is what happens when you leave them in the sun, not a deliberate silver chromed figure. While the one below the row may have had is chrome stripped, if not he's quite unusual, being made of that 1950's type (mixed granules) plastic? These were never marked, but were sold with LP marked figures in the Spacex range.

An incomplete collection of the Triang smaller vehicles, each had 1 figure, so with 50% being the common LP designs, you had to buy a lot to get all the MPC poses (which is why I only have 5 decent examples, and one who's been in the wars!).

Three others, loose, I could list them all, but you're far better off going to Project Moonbase. Presumably in the 21st Century (later, much later!) we will palletise all goods on hover pallets, doing away with the need for two long thin arms on fork-lifts/pallet trucks?


Anonymous said...

Aha Spacex... It didn't matter that the scale was all over the place. I had the boxed set with vac-fomed lunar terrain and that worked for me.

Paul Keough

Maverick Collecting said...

You should check out Moonbase Central, link to left, they've carried far more Spacex than me!!