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Friday, January 1, 2010

B is for Beachead - Hong Kong Style, Part 2 - Beach Head Invasion etc...

Continuing where I left off above and starting with a comparison shot between the set they were all pretending to be (Airfix Beach-Head Invasion Set) and the various pretenders.

The reason the big Airfix sets are so uncommon is twofold, first; big ticket items don't last, they get caught up in house fires and clear-outs in a way little carded stocking-fillers left at the back of the 'secret' drawer don't (the water marks on this one are from the summer floods of 2007, not some calamity of the 1960's), the other reason is simply that not many sell to begin with, if you're a parent sent - by Santa - to purchase "...a big landing set like Timmy down the road." are you going to spend 2 pounds, thirteen shillings and sixpence on the Airfix set...or...2/11d on one of the carded Hong Kong sets?
Contents are similar to the earlier 'Assault' sets, but title differs and graphics are all new. However we are back to the H0/00 reasonable quality copies of Britains Lilliput only. The bunker is the most accurate copy of the Marx original having only two slits and the protected doorway (usually filled in, or no more than a bump on these HK copies).

The Jungle set is clearly from the same series as the above, set in Vietnam and selling for 3/11d in 1967. A fine example of why you should leave cities for idiots to live in...it's a whole shilling more than the Byra set was selling for in Andover the same year!!

This set was bought in Chelsea, the same year, also for 3/11d, at least you get more with this set! The barbed-wire is marked "GIANT (P) HONG KONG" yet this is clearly not from the Giant stable, only helping to muddy the water if you study Giant! Compare the bunker here with the previous sets, three slits (one designed for archers!) and no doorway.

An attempt at the earlier artworks, this is a late 1960's set with poor copies of the Blue Box and/or Triang Space Commando figures.


Mad Carew said...

Superb collection! It amazes me that these sets survive intact - I used to open and play with everything!!

Maverick Collecting said...

With this Hong Kong Stuff one secret is 'Granny's Drawers'...oooh eerr missus!

They are as likely to turn up at the back of a beurau or dresser in a house clearance or 'estate sale' as anywhere else. Because the products were cheap, and grannies don't appreciate the finer subtleties of Airfix, they would buy these HK carded toys as last minute or 'emergency' gifts at Chritmas...when you didn't bring an extra guest the toys would stay in the hall drawer for the next 20 years.

The other main source is old shop stock; all the little corner shops were OWNED, not rented like today, and when the old boys retired, or had a dishartning war, flood or fire, they would put their remaining stock into storage. One reason both Cyprus and Lebanon have proved lucrative in the last few years....

Maverick Collecting said...

PS - the two posts were for you, at your request - even though you didn't actually ask! So happy you liked them. H

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Maverick Collecting said...

My own personal Troll...how lovely, what do I feed you...fuckwitt-juice?