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Monday, January 11, 2010

H is for Havok by Bluebird Toys, Skirmish Battle Set

In 1997 Bluebird produced what could have been a real runner against Games Workshop, however they managed to tie the launch in to the UK 'Catalogue Shopping' chain Argos, which rather stunted the child at birth! The initial release was a starter box called 'Skirmish Battle Set' (Argos Cat.No. 307/0338), this was accompanied by two other releases; The 'Karn Banshee Attack Thopters (307/0338) and; 307/0008 a couple of 3 figure sets, however due to the vagaries of Argos stock-control the two sets were random, so army building with any sense of order was a nightmare!

Front and back of the box.

Figures included in the Skirmish set were at the back left; 3x 47th Line troopers of the Nexus and a 'Hundred [Form]' warrior (in front - green), front right; 3 'Darkest Suns' and behind them - in rust brown - a 'Form' warrior, from the Karn Empire.

The 'Form's' that each Form-warrior stays close to, large, simple robots with some parts in common and with the back-flags - a nod to the Samurai, something else that GW mine with much enthusiasm...there's nothing new under the sun, even the Darkest Sun!

The basic scenery, note the early computer graphics, there is no care in the design of these, no love, if you are going to print and die-cut a sheet of card, why not do it properly? The cost is in the card (and shipping) not the ink and has been since the 70's.

Army building allowed for a third 'side' the Pteravore, similar to GW's Tyranids, or H.R. Geiger's Alien, it's all recycled!

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