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Sunday, January 24, 2010

U is for Unknown

Can any one tell me what the following means, or what company used this marking on its products?


This is on the draw-bar of a weastern stage coach with copies of the Ajax/Beton/Tudor*Rose hollow horse?


Anonymous said...

In French :
BTES = Brevetés (invention ou procédé ayant un brevet déposé)
Mention légale dégageant la responsabilité de l'Etat.
It's not a Trade Mark but a legal mention after the trade mark !
Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I've forgotten the translation of
brevetés = patented
SGDG = "Without Government's Guaranty"
best regards,

Maverick Collecting said...

Thank's, so it's like "Patent Applied For" [but not yet granted!!], so we now have an unknown French firm using the same horse as Ajax/Archer/Lido/T.Cohn(Superior)/Beton (Bergen)/Airfix/Tudor-Rose/Kleeware/Riesler and Reamsa...that seem's to be clear!!!! Thanks again Anon..Hugh.