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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

W is for Waterloo at Haldane Place!

What with the apparent demise of Eric Williamson's website, I guess some out there will be needing an occasional 'fix' of Airfix to feed their 'Box Type' habit....

Prussian Infantry; the three 'Corner-edged graphic' box types, and colour variants of the 'Long' box French Infantry.

Highland Infantry get laid low by a small bug that went around.

Clockwise from top left; Distribution of ponies in the French Artillery; 1st version of the 'Blue' box; two variations of the 3rd 'Window' version Blue box; 2nd 'Black-end' version of the same 'Blue' box.

Comparison between one of the Arab horses on the left, the British Grenadier Officers horse in the middle and the French Infantry Officers horse on the right. Note how the foot pegs get bigger as subsequent generations of Machinists/Engravers/Tool-men get hold of the original!

This last picture and the Artillery horse one is designed to help people check sets as 'original contents', too many dealers will chuck any old thing in a box.


Tony said...

Not to me......Fortunantelly I don´t need to buy more Airfix Napoleonics, but, I´m looking for the Arabs......Stil, I´m going to pay atention to your tip when I find wath I´m looking for......

Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Tony - eMail me, I can sort you out some Arabs, if you don't want a box? Cream or sand are more robust, but i might still be able to russle-up a white set if you really need one?