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Thursday, May 6, 2010

C is for Captain Gallant (Comic)

These images tie in with the Captain Gallant figures I posted on the Small Scale World blog the other day [12/10/2012 - now the same blog, if scrolling - should be a post or two below this, otherwise use tags Marx or FFL to find it below this post], anybody who wants one should try pts52 on eBay.

The cover, there is no issue number so I'm guessing it was published purely to increase interest in the forthcoming TV serial. From the fact that the only ad. is the Heinz ad. on the back page, and that Heinz are mentioned by a character, one suspects that Heinz Foods had something to do with the production of this issue - perhaps as a mail-away offer? - and were the main advertiser during the commercial breaks on US T.V.?

It's copyright'ed to 'Frantel' NY,NY and was published by U.S. Pictorial inc. (whoever they were? There is a Frantel Communications in Rochester NY, and a Pictorial Inc. in Indianapolis)

There were five separate stories, a feature on the grave of Georges Bohnert and the Heinz stuff, plus a Junior Legionnaires membership card on the back cover.

Buster Crabbe was the lead; 'Captain Gallant', while 'Cuffy' the horrid little boy was played by err...a horrid little boy! And one of the characters seems to have had a questionable relationship with a camel....it's very lonely in the desert!

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