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Monday, May 3, 2010

O is for Orange Tip

Finally got some shots of the Orange Tipped butterfly, I've seen quite a few this spring, but this was the only one who'd sit still long enough to let me get a shot off.

He moved as I clicked the shutter, and I thought I'd missed him, he did let me get quite a few closed shots, and to be honest, after all the trouble I've had getting the wing uppers, I think he's more beautiful closed, with his green and white camouflage.

And - Yes, I think that's his tongue in the lower picture!


Fraxinus said...

nice photo's havn't seen an orange tip yet mostly Peacocks in East kent. Led a guided walk yesterday (amazingly 5 turned up in the rain)& got absolutely frozen & soaked to the skin...wildlife apart from a green woodpecker & a few mallards in the drainagwe ditches of the chislet Marshes....no where to be seen!!

Maverick Collecting said...

Well...it's been hot for three days now, and they're telling us it's getting colder again tomorrow! So; was that the summer?.....