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Monday, June 21, 2010

D is for Darlek and The Dr...Doctor Who?...Exactly!

These were given away free with the Doctor Who Adventures magazine last week, I only noticed them on the Monday (it's a Thursday-to-Thursday publication cycle), so grabed the last one in Sainsbury's Wantage, then managed to get the last one in Great Shefford's petrol (filling) station on Wednesday night!

The reason I show them is not to crow (although I did get two sets!!!!), but to point out that about two years ago these were issued with the same magazine in Gold plastic, and about 3 weeks later they were followed by Silver Cybermen, sooo; If they are following a free gift 'cycle' look out for Cybermen any day now?

You can also watch feeBay for these on £4.99 buy-it-now in the next few weeks as that's what happened last time...the mag is £2.20


The Philosophic Toad said...
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The Philosophic Toad said...

That earlier set of gold Daleks were proper Daleks. These new orangey ones are the bloody-awful, new-design Fatleks :(

Oi! Moffat! No! You don't want to do that. Leave them Daleks alone.

But yes, I hope you're right about the chances of a second freebie set in the near future. Some little Sontarans would be nice.

Maverick Collecting said...

Yeh, the heads are very small in comparison with the bodies. I didn't get the gold one's so I couldn't make a judgment, although when I've seen them on feeBay, they've looked a few mil's smaller and a single piece, while these are 3 parts, so i'm hopeing to cut a couple up and do something with them...Stavros?

Also I will one day compare all the Darlek's I have, most of which have problems, Rolykins are too conical, Cherilea is deformed, 'reissue' Rolykins have huge bases...you'd think such a simple design could be reproduced well by some of our leading Toy companies, but - NO!

Maverick Collecting said...


The Philosophic Toad said...

I have a spare "gold" Dalek which you are welcome to have.

Stavros was Davros's less evil brother ^_^

Maverick Collecting said...

I'll swap you for something...I'll eMail.H