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Sunday, June 20, 2010

H is for Hand-carved; Coaster

Not really a 'Collectable' but something I'm fond of, I carved this by hand from a piece of Marble I ploughed up in 1983, the plough left some huge gouges in the surface which I sanded out by spending a hour or so rubbing it on the Patio while I had my after work cigarette and cup of tea! After a week or so it was half the depth it had started, but smooth on both sides.

I then penciled-in a design and cut it with lots of back-and-forwards 'scratching' with some wood augers that had a fine chisel end, not the right way to go about it but it worked, and has been with me everywhere since! It's very 'long-haired greebo' with the runes an'all; "Yeh man! Bruford & Howe, Tolkien, Anderson, Fields of Taliesin..." Aah! Childhood huh?

Why was a small square sample of marble in the middle of a field in Alderney, C.I.'s? Anyone's guess...but...whispers...I like to think a Roman left it there for me to find!


Pan said...

I am sure the Romans did leave it for you to find and what a great job you have done with that carving. It looks like the genuine article (whatever the genuine article would look like!)

Maverick Collecting said...

Yes! One wonders if Celts ever had time to carve coasters! Still Asterix would have needed something for his mug of potion!