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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

S is for Statuary

One of the best ways to 'set the scene' whether on a war-games table or a display shelf is with the use of era-specific scenery, and what better for that than with a bit of monumental masonry!

Here we see Sphinxes for Egypt, the upper one is a touristy thing from a museum gift shop by an unknown maker, here being fought over by a couple of Caesar's Mycenaean troops, what they're doing in Egypt is anyone's guess, but they looked the part and were the first thing to hand!

Below them are two sizes of Sphinx being scaled with the old Atlantic Egyptians, the maker is sort of unknown...I bought them from the chap who always does Andy Harfield's show in Kent, if anyone knows his name let me know and I'll update this post.

The Romano-Greek period is much easier to accommodate as there are plenty of figures to paint-up from the larger scales as I have done here - on the right - with a Britains Herald Trojan. Figures are Quaker Gladiators also issued by Tom Smith and I'll be covering these soon, but PSR will have them first.

To the left is a Matchbox center-piece from the Counter Attack play set. He has some HK copies of the Giant/Baravelli Romans (based on the Britains Trojans!) parading past.

Finally a fine piece of Victorian/Wilhelmian colonial corporate town-center statuary, in this case from something like a Polly Pocket set, it needs a good paint and weathering to make it more presentable, but again you could use a 40-70mm mounted figure to produce something much better, or indeed an animal, imagine a big bear on it's hind legs in some German town as your Shermans thunder past!

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