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Sunday, September 19, 2010

P is for Pirrates Proparrr!

Avast me 'arties! I be fouwnd 'der pirrates true!

Made By Tito, and sold all over Europe as Ice Cream, Cereal and other food premiums, probably a Portuguese or Spanish (?) TV cartoon, I'll post more when I find all the notes, just wanted to get them up before midnight. Memory serves that the UK issue only had 6 of the poses, or that there were 10 on the continent? It'll all come out in the wash!

Aah-Haarrr Jim'mlad!

It Would appear that everywhere except Britain (France, Portugal, Spain and various South American countries) they were issued with boxes of Ajax washing powder, I only mention Kellogg's through word of mouth, so they were probably Ajax here to?

Although the 6 versus ten would appear to be actually 8 (or 10?) of 20. As Kellogg's took less than a full set(half in fact) of the Soldiers of the World, this would back-up those who think these are Kellogg's not Ajax.

I've moved the pirate link here from the old News/Views post;

Parai'so Artificia

Here are some from South America, again a complete set;

Natux's Blog

I had found another full set from the Iberian Peninsular but seem to have lost it again! How far away is Talk Like A Pirate Day...still, I'll cover some more next year!! Christmas next...

12/11/10 - Thomas Doyle has found the original ad, there were only 6 figures in the Kellogg's set, Barrigon and Patapalo were not part of the issue, as they turned up in the UK, I suspect another issue...Peak Freans, Cadbury's???


Paul said...

Avast Matey, it be tolk lika priate day,Arrrah!


Maverick Collecting said...

(Wink ani - if there was one!)

gazza said...

I recall from the early seventies that you could get some plastic pirates with Kelloggs cornflakes. They were about 45mm in height and well proportioned. They painted up well, but I could only get 3 of them - there was no indication of how many more in the set. I was hoping at the time that there would be a release in 1/72nd scale but had to wait 25years for the disappointing sets from either Orion or Caesar - not sure which, but it seemed to me to be a wasted opportunity. Of course, foundry had their metal range, but I'm a plastic man at heart, so didn't bother with them.
Joke time;
Why are they called pirates?
Because they Aaarrrhhhhh!

To err is human, to arrr is pirate.

have a great day wherever you are.

Atreides said...

I'm sure that's not Portuguese...

Bourbonese said...

Atreides: don´t be so sure. Tito, the original producer was a Portuguese company well know in the 60s and 70s for great quality works and many collections distributed as premium figures all over the Europe came to Tito asking his products. These figures are originals from Portugal and be distributed in countries like Spain or UK. With the end of Tito, many plastic molds from Tito ended in Mexico. This is the explanation for so many recent bootlegs produced in Mexico.

Maverick Collecting said...

Gazza - Thanks for the topical jokes! There were several sets of Pirates, most of which made it into cereal boxes somewhere at some point, if these aren't the ones you remember you'll probably be thinking of one of the two (?) US sets issued without bases (Marx pirates had bases), although they would have come from Kleeware or Tudor Rose over here.

Atreides - They are marked Tito, so they definitely originate in Portugal, but as a couple of the poses are actually named after actual historical characters, they may well be a set of commissioned caricatures like the Marx 'Nutty Generals' rather than being related to any TV show, so your point is valid!

Bourbonese - Found your blog, and a Mexican one with with another full set in wacky colours (as those guys always seem to favour!) and then lost internet for a few weeks! I will update this entry later today or over the weekend!

Cheers all, back now...