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Thursday, November 11, 2010

L is for Lindberg - Little and Large...

A bit of a contrast with this one, from very small to very big and both kits from the same maker!

The Little; I've misplaced the tyres on this one and probably lost the windscreen! Approximately HO/1:87th scale American Roadster of some sort (I've put it away and I'm not digging it out again for a name, it's not a core area of my collection!) with an Airfix figure for size comparison.

It's the Mercedes SSK...87thscale.info/lindberg

The Large; George Kearton was exhibiting this at the Central Toy Soldier Show in Birmingham the other Sunday, and has now put it on evilBay here: Lindberg 1/16 scale American Civil War kit ,worth it's start price, in my opinion, I've seen it in lists occasionally but never 'in the flesh'. It's all there and purist collectors will only need a bit of oven cleaner on the horses and figures to return it to near-mint, I think it needs to be built!

George - having recently moved to the west country - is settling down to plan a update of his seminal 'Collectors Guide to Plastic Toy Soldiers 1947-1987', originally published by Ross Anderson. So watch this space for news of that.


Paul´s Bods said...

I swear by the lives of all the little fishes who live in my nextdoor neighbours pond that I had one of those Cars way back when I was a nipper, I think it was in blue but I can´t be 100 % sure.
Now what Happened to it?? :-)

Maverick Collecting said...

It's an interesting little range, and older than I thought! I've chucked-up a link to the full list...

Paul´s Bods said...

The link looks dated...2009 seems to be the last one...Pity..as you say it looks an interesting range