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Monday, October 17, 2011

M is for Mini-trucks, Part 7 - Other types/sizes/makes

Finally - how other people treated the mini-truck and some larger versions of the truck showing the Dinky inheritance;

NFIC seems to have used the Dinky truck straight, just giving it a full range of different body types. The London Taxi-cab is also theirs and I've seen a red London Routemaster, so they were aiming at the tourist trade buyers, when not turning out Army-lorrys!

This Argentinian manufacturer; Industria Argentina/RM has gone with a medium range Mercedes truck-cab (3000 series?), but uses all the usual plug-in weapon systems, along with a double-rocket launcher which is a first in this size.

Cane's little carded army contains a Humber, but barely recognisable as such, but the Saracen is a nice little model for it's size/pocket money budget.

The Sam Toys is a clean-lift from Dinky with added crew and has been seen before here and elsewhere.

That's it, for now, I dare say we'll return to the subject in a year or two, in the meantime if you find a new variant let me know!

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