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Saturday, October 15, 2011

T is For Trucks - Overview

A bit of a gratuitous post today, these are mostly old photographs I took about ten years ago with my old 35mm Zenit, and in the course of packing for a forthcoming move, I though I'd scan them into the PC, they seemed to scan OK so I collaged them, and am throwing them up here for the hell of it!

Top left to bottom right, clockwise; Airfix (both Types) double convoy of NFIC, the three Tudor*Rose trucks and some slightly smaller trucks from the Beeju stable, with a 'Home Farm' Blue Box type Bedford.

Hong Kong cheepies, modern style to the left of the older - but still available - rack-toy trucks. Below them a 'Mini-car' from VEB Plasticart on the left and some kits on the right, Matchbox, Airfix and Hasegawa in front; Esci behind.

Two scratch builds from Airfix, and an assortment of die-casts top, Matchbox and Dinky bottom left with various other bits bottom right - Corgi x2, HK, Montaplex and a Dime-store toy from the states by...can't remember! A birds name I think...Montana? I'll have to look when I get home! [Mohawk!]

The inset image is the other reason for this post, linking in with both the stuff I posted a few weeks ago, and the forthcoming article on these mini-copies of the old Lone*Star/Kleeware truck, a Kleeware is on the far end of the row, the very tiny one is from a resent Christmas Cracker.

Marx recasts and an original ambulance (copied from the Dinky Daimler of the 1950's), Roco-minitanks early pattern Unimog (correction; I think this is the Roskopf one?), one each from Jean (right) and Manurba (left) and three Blue Box.


Paul´s Bods said...

Trucks..or are they lorrys? :-D
The glads...I will paint them up..sorry beautify them and you will come to Herne!!? :-D

Maverick Collecting said...

Haha! There's a can of worms! The Oxbridge Liberals might argue the toss between New World 'Trucks' and Old World 'Lorrys', but my Northern roots dictate they're 'Wagons' anyway!!!

They were also 'Wagons' in the haulage industry (one of many I tried my hand at!) and in the Glocesters. Although a wagon was also a Land Rover or 'Lanny' not 'Landy' which only civilians use...

The larger wagons were also 4-ton or 10-ton trucks, 4-tonners/10-tonners or...4-bunners, which I never understood; call me Aspergic ('cause I am!) but an abbrieviation or short-form should be just that and not casually refer to bakery products for no reason?

Meanwhile a 6x6 should always be a truck not a lorry, don't know why it just should! (as should 6x4's and 4x4's that look like 6x6's!).

When we were kids they were 'Army-lorries' (like Army-men), while my friends across the Mange Englais drive Camion's - which sound like something the girls on the Ku'damm wear under their street-lights!!!

Technically an 'Artic' (Rig)is a tractor-unit, but not a Tractor? And the original pick-up truck, is now an SUV one side of the pond, a plain pick-up the other and a 'Ute' in the antipodese...

Everyone else manages one word for each but the English speakers desease is to give everything three words and then let some of the words cover more than one thing...doh!

Yes, I might try to drive to Herne in my steaming, groaning old wagon (a Volvo definately falls within the bounds of 'Wagondom'), usually stay in the Hotel Am Park, but may be sleeping in the recovery truck/lorry!!! Or is it a 'Wreaker'...tow-truck? low-loader....;-)