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Monday, October 17, 2011

W is for White Tower Miniatures

From time to time a 'Plastics Man' turns to the dark side and starts to experiment with poured metal, cold-setting rubber and 'Master Figures', normally, all you can do is try to avoid them, wear garlic and cross yourself three times in their presence, however, when it's a friend of yours and the resulting alchemy is rather good, you are best humoring him in the hope the phase will pass and he will return to the polymer fold.

One such is Matt of White Tower Miniatures, who started with a range of character figures of Robin the hooded and other denizens of the fortified towns and woods of Nottinghamshire, he then switched to a range of Wild West characters, and is now building fine ranges of Dark Age Normans, Saxons and Far-Eastern armies.

There is a link to his website to the right of the page and I'd urge you to have a visit, and browse, last I knew he was still painting all the figures himself, and as you can see above unpainted castings are also available.

Huns on the run, or running someone out-of-shot down! These were taken as the old camera died last year so they are not the best shots I've published...and er...they're actually Mongols!

A command group, these will all be out again - I hope - on Sunday at Dave McKenna's show in Birmingham, there is a half-marathon on the same day so if you're driving, be early.

Saxon shield-wall, they would have held the bloody country if they hadn't all run down the hill in an over-exuberant (and probably mead-fuelled!) dash to de-horse the Norman Knights!

I know a Knight I'd like to de-horse....

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