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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

3 is for 3-D Miniatures

This has been imported from 'Boring Blog' (which I will close down) and may have images or other text added in the future.

3-D Miniatures
Producing metal and resin (28mm?) castings for themselves and others (Aberrant Games, Darkson Designs) using new CAD/CAM technology and 3-D printing, they may very well prove to be the future of toy and model soldiers
Bitz Range
3DM-FA-BTZ-0001 - Zombie Heads
3DM-FA-BTZ-0004 - Slugman Alien Heads
3DM-FA-BTZ-0005 - Cyber Ratman Heads
3DM-FA-BTZ-0006 - Mutant Heads
SF/Weapons Ranges
3DM-SF-BTZ-0001 - Heavy Weapons set
3DM-SF-BTZ-0002 - Caseless Rifle
3DM-SF-BTZ-0003 - Lazer Rifle
GaurTaur Figure Range
3DM-FA-GAU-0001 - GaurTaur Minotaur
Sumeru Figure Range
3DM-FA-UND-0001 - Hungry Ghost
Thrade/SF figure ranges
3DM-SF-THR-0001 - Thrade Scout Advancing with Rifle
3DM-SF-THR-0002 - Thrade Scout w/ Rifle Raised, Signaling with Hand
3DM-SF-THR-0003 - Thrade Scout, Kneeling w/ Rifle, Readying to Fire
3DM-SF-THR-0004 - Thrade Scout Armed w/ Dual Disintegrator Pistols
3DM-SF-THR-0005 - Thrade Scout w/ Disintegrator Pistol and Scanner
3DM-SF-THR-0006 - Thrade Scout Using Psychic Powers
3DM-SF-THR-0007 - Thrade Scouting Force
3DM-SF-THR-0008 - Thrade Scout Rifleman Squad
3DM-SF-THR-0009 - Thrade Emissary
‘Crusoe’ Designs
- Ceremonial Tripod/Brazier
- Chaos Stone
- Large Cauldron

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