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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

G is for Giant Insects and Stuff

This has been imported from 'Boring Blog' (which I will close down) and may have images or other text added in the future


Alternate packaging of kits listed under separate companies. The Tarantula seems to have only been issued only in MPC or AMT/Ertl packaging, not getting an Airfix boxing.
Monster sets
- Rampaging Scorpion Diorama
- Prying Mantis Diorama
- Huge Tarantula Diorama (?)


M-7 said...

If I'm right these kits were originally made by AMT/ERTL under the Gigantics name from '72-'73. There were four models..
Colossal Mantis
Huge Tarantula
Rampaging Scorpion
and Gigantic Wasp
I think all but the Wasp were reissued.

Maverick Collecting said...

Yes - I think you're right, this is the list of the re-issues specifically...brought over from the 'didn't really work' blog!! I'm just not sure if the spider was ever issued in Airfix packaging, the wasp was not issued in either in this late 70's 'traunch'