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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

S is for Silverlit

Silverlit Toys Manufactory Ltd./Dongguan Silverlit Toys MFY Ltd., Silverlit Toys, Huai De Toys Factory, Huai De Dongguan, China, see also; Motron, Multimack.
Hong Kong/China. Produced various small scale toys in 1980's/early 1990's. They seem to have copied other-peoples modulated/clip-together toys, added new components and produced the ‘Multimac’ range from the result. Items from Tomy’s ‘Zoids’ and Bluebird Toys ‘Manta Force’ are identifiable, including a chrome-plated seated astronaut. They also used Roco-Minitanks NATO infantry in the press release/box art photographs. Some vehicles also produced by/under Motron trademark/name.
Incomplete list
Galaxy Series (Sci-fi toys with copy of Tomy pilot/vehicle commander, 20mm)
№ ? - Radar Cannon
№ 9074c - Power Shovel
№ ? - Mighty Drill
№ ? - Super Cannon
№ 9077c - Cannon Tractor
№ ? - Planet Explorer
Ocean Discovery Series (underwater vessels with jointed diver/spacemen figures, 30mm)
- Commander Sub
Item No. 92884W - Octopathfinder Set
- Shark Marine Sub Set

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