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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

J is for Just as cool as the others!

I don't know if you remember the edible Daleks we had up here a while ago (Exterminate us, exterminate us!), but here is another take on the edible figure 'sub-genre', these are currently being sold reduced in BP petrol stations ('Filling' or 'Service' stations, to out of UK readers), made by Maynards and included in the Sports Mix.

Yes - I know is a bit off the wall, and they aren't very realistic, but think about it...cut them off the backing-lump with a craft knife, seal them with super-glue (for rigidity) and then PVA/wood-glue and give them the black undercoat/dry-brush paint technique and you could fill a cycle-rack in one of the darker corners of you layout without anyone spotting what they really were, especially if you put a Merit, Prieser or Airfix bike at the front of the row!

And the waste tastes good (the hard-gum not the super-glue!). The man from Rovex, he say; "You looking at my bike?!"

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