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Thursday, July 26, 2012

News, views etc...Help!

A chap called Patrick Kelley has got in touch with a request for some pretty specialised stuff, I couldn't help myself but perhaps someone out there can? Message reads;

Hello. I was wondering if you have on hand an English-language translation of the rules for Friegur? Also looking for English rules for 'Schlachtenspiel'.

Also, do you have an image of the late-war addition to Wehrschach taktik of the so-called 'Wunderwaffen' piece; and an example of how they affected the regular rules? I have several Wehr Schach sets, but none including these. I am able to offer an English-language translation of the rules for Wehr Schach if you have need of them.

Thank you!

If anyone thinks they might be able to help eMail me and I'll pass Patrick's eMail on to you.


Paul´s Bods said...

Hugh..you only have to ask :-D

Maverick Collecting said...

That's fantastic Paul - I'll eMail you seperately, cheers