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Friday, October 19, 2012

News, Views etc...Plastic Warrior 149

The latest - larger size - issue of Plastic Warrior has come out and is full of all the usual interesting stuff, which this issue are;

* An article on the tie-in between Daz soap powder and Crescent by Gerald Edwards
* Swoppet ACW overview from Karl James (which very much adds to this Swoppets Article)
* Tom Stark reviews the output of Heritage Toy Figures.
* The introduction on a forthcoming set of articles about Linde Wild West figures and their 'relationship/s' with Elastolin/Huasser, Jean and Frank ('Muckefuck' - no...you'll have to read the article!), brought to us by Andreas Dittmann - who has helped me many times in the past and is a fount-of-all-knowledge when it comes to German (and wider European) production.
* A report by Michael Maughan on the new Toy Soldier museum at Silloth, Cumbria
* Vectis Aution Reports covering rareish boxed sets by Britians, Timpo and Cherilea
* Herald ethnic dancers by Daniel Morgan
* The Dewars and Johnny Walker figures from Marx with the 'missing' figure found by Mark Hegeman 
* Fred Barratt show Boxer Rebellion conversions form Mike Blake
* Men of '76 from Kent Sprecher of ToysoldierHQ fame.
* What the !&*$? has a poser on Huskies (dogs not toy cars!)
* Book reviews
* Coverage of other new products from
- HaT Industrie
- Victrix
* Plus all the usual small-ads, news, views and letters on figures from around the world (Eagalwall [Dan Dare], Goodman [Cherilea copies] and LJN), a follow up on rocket-launchers from the last issue and more Russian figures (Publius and Basevich),with  a Cherilea shot on the front cover.

And the next issue will be the 150th!

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