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Thursday, November 15, 2012

M is for Marx'inate! Marx'inate! Marx'inate!

I know, my Dalek posts have ever more predictable titles, well - if it 'aint broke, don't fix it! Having looked at the old Marx Tinykin sized 'Rollykin' Daleks a while ago now (Here), it seemed like good sense to look at the big brothers, and so I shot these a few months ago.

Marx made a lot of Daleks, in most sizes and for other brand-names, but among their own, larger specimens are these two, rarely found complete these days (and commanding a premium when they are), they came in various colours, with blue, black and gold bodies being featured in memory serves. Just about every small boy in my childhood had at least one as they were a favourite Christmas prezzie!

Speaking of nearly always damaged, the owner thinks there has been restoration work on the larger 'complete' one here. I've included a 54mm member of UNIT, with his FN/SLR from Britains to show how large these are, the small one is the equivalent of modern 4-inch 'action figure' scale, while the larger one could have given Action Man a run for his money!


Sam's Blog said...

I didn't post since a long time on your blog, even if I had always a eye on it.... I'm sorry!

But for sure, Daleks always give me a most interest!

Impressive size!
are they very interesting?
they look strange for me...

Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Sam

They are highly collectable, and in good condition are very sought after as well as fetching a 'pretty price', but equally - you're right...they don't look right; Marx never quite got the 'look' of a Dalek (in any scale), and the head/shoulder area is always a bit to straight - more like a badminton shuttle-cock than a Dalek!!!