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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

T is for Tootsie Toy

You can almost count the number of die-cast 'mazak' (EU = 'zamak'!) aluminium/tin alloy figures made in small scale on the fingers of one hand: there are the mid-late period Dinky sets of Tank Corp's, Artillery and Vehicle Drivers/Passengers (25/30mm), then there are the Monogram 'Pocket Force' sets (straight 25mm), the Wardie/Mastermodels figures (20-23mm), a set of railway passengers and staff by Merten (30mm/O Gauge) and...er...[racks his brain to remember the others], there are a few, so 'almost' one hand is about right!

And then there is this little lovely!...

Tootsie-Toys from the Disharmonious States (have you not read some of the post-election stuff?) produced this Fire Engine/Fire Appliance/Fire Truck (depending on where you are!), and while in the hollow style of a slush-cast vehicle of the same period, it is in fact a die-cast alloy, as are the two little figures. I say "little" they are about 28mm, with the vehicle scaled somewhere between 1:48 and 1:60.

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