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I’m a 51-year-old Aspergic CAD-Monkey. Sardonic, cynical and with the political leanings of a social reformer, I’m also a toy and model figure collector, particularly interested in the history of plastics and plastic toys. Other interests are history, current affairs, modern art, and architecture, gardening and natural history. I love plain chocolate, fireworks and trees but I don’t hug them, I do hug kittens. I hate ignorance, when it can be avoided, so I hate the 'educational' establishment and pity the millions they’ve failed with teaching-to-test and rote 'learning' and I hate the short-sighted stupidity of the entire ruling/industrial elite, with their planet destroying fascism and added “buy-one-get-one-free”. I also have no time for fools and little time for the false crap we're all supposed to pretend we haven't noticed, or the games we're supposed to play. I will 'bite the hand that feeds' to remind it why it feeds.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

B is for Best...eMail Ever!

I have recieved all sorts of eMails in my relatively short flirtation with the Wibbly Wobbly Way, offers of free figures from strange and exotic places, sexy stuff from lovers, spam so funny it made me cry...important information from respected peers, long winded explanatory, short and to the point...with photo's, videos and other enclosures...conspirational PM's from fellow forum members - slagging off some 'tard or piss-ant or another, messages from long lost friends or acquaintances, all sorts, but this is the best ever...

Unfortunately I can't explain (yet) what it pertains to, but at last I have done something of which I can be pleased with, that required teamwork (thanks guys) and a bit of risk....I got £104 as well, and others have benefited and more will...in total I reckoned - on the back of a fag-packet - the 'financial irregularity' (for want of a better phrase while investigations are ongoing) totalled in excess of £10,000, taken from some of the people in society who could least afford it...watch this space, there's more to come...

As to the language? Us retards can call each other what we like!


Anonymous said...

Piss Ant ?

Maverick Collecting said...

Yeah! Guess you had to be there!