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Sunday, May 19, 2013

J is for Jolly Joke against John...Major?!!!

After two AFV posts in a row - something completely different! These are just charming little idiotic nothings but what collection would be complete without them!

Casting aspersions on John Major PM, MP's machinations in the field of conflict know as the European Paliament, and harking back to his earlier years this is the joke that just keeps on giving, or at least it would have kept on giving for several minutes in the early 1990's!

Tobar are the culprits, they are the parent company of the brilliant Hawkins Bazarr shops, which went bust last Christmas but still seem to be in business. Tobar also supplied gifts and novelties to other outlets such as BHS and Army and Navy.

Some of you will recognise them as they are more commonly found in a plain red and white paint scheme as Santa's for decorating Christmas cakes! Almost certainly imported from Hong Kong, while I say' almost', I am (after the idiot flame on the UPC post) 99.99% sure they are HK product, but without actual evidence would never say deffo!

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