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Thursday, August 1, 2013

M is for Mystery Men from across La Manche

Pascal-call-me-Sam from Sam's Mini's World sent me one of those wonderful mixed lots of toy soldiers he'd acquired from somewhere (I'm busy collecting him Dr. Who stuff by way of exchange!), with an eclectic mix of figures from near-mint recent French and Modern Chinese medieval through some German and Spanish Wild West to early French hard plastics in a bit of a state (but a sample is a sample is a sample and they are hard to find!), most of which I will deal with at a later date, some of which I will add to the posts which are now over a year and a half overdue!

However, I want to put these up here in order to thank Sam publicly,because they need a post to themselves and in the hope that some of you continental collectors can shed some light on them...

These have a lot in common with the Soldabar figures I looked at here; Minor Makes, in that they look like premiums, are copies of various British and other makers and come in various colours (I think I have yellow and blue ones in my archive photo's), they also cover a variety of eras. The 'premium' link is also there in the two Crescent figures, and the heavy bases and soapy-soft polyethylene of the Beverly figures we looked at the other month, these - however - have no discernible mark.

We have all four of the Britains Herald ACW poses, two Britains Herald cowboys (both poses much copied by others), a Crescent Guardsman copy, and pirates of three native American Indians, originating from (left to right); Crescent, MPC and Britains Herald again.

So - thanks Sam, one man's pirate copies are another man's ruby and jade treasures and definitely the cream of the crop...and can anyone shed any light on who produced them or marketed them, or - indeed - maybe gave them away? What other figures are in the range?

[I haven't added 'French' or 'Premium' to the tag list until we can hopefully get some more information on them]


Sam Wise said...

All what I can say about them is that they are old !! Maybe the 70's or something like that, I'm too old now to remember exactly!

Thanks my friend !

Maverick Collecting said...

That's about where I would have put them...and thank you for sending them to me! I've just put some of the knights up as well...it's all a big detective game, only we are trying to find out about stuff made (and forgotten about) in our lifetimes!!


mathias said...

Hello Hugh,
I'm pretty sure it's not French
Best regards.

Maverick Collecting said...

OK Mathias, hopefully something will turn up!


Sam Wise said...

Hi Hugh ! I've found a lot of others ! Especially, 2/3 figures of the kneeling firing cowboy in different sizes and colors !!! maybe another Indian in the same pose (with a bow).

And a lot of stuff of all scales and styles... I will send you some pictures!


Maverick Collecting said...

Cheers Sam, I'll look forward to it.