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Saturday, November 30, 2013

G is for Guards - Standing, Kneeling and Prone; Firing

Guards firing, because as soon as you've marched past Horseguards Parade, gone down the Mall, negotiated the Victoria Fountain and disappeared behind Buckingham Palace, you're off down the ranges in your best kit...didn't everyone know that?

Unknown sucker from Hong Kong (the same people who do the LP space-man knock-offs), Lone*Star - smooth headdress and round base, Lone*Star - furry headdress and oblong base, two colours of HK piracy of the Lone*Star and a separate base Honk Kong Herald

Crescent, Timpo early type, Unknown (Charbens?), Britains Deetail and a penny-figure from a hollow-cast mould and in a polystyrene plastic.

Lone*Star (damaged), Britain Deetail, two HK copies of Lone*Star, separate-based HK Herald and Crescent.

The kneeling ready guy is only here because he's nowhere else to go, or he didn't have until I did the figures from Hollow-cast moulds above! He's not firing he's 'Ready' and is kitted-out for the late 19th century. The lying firing are both Hong Kong produced Herald with the two silver paint styles, bayonet and bayonet & rifle-barrel, they are also very different mouldings, particularly the headdress.

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