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Monday, October 6, 2014

M is for Mounted Medievals

Halfway through the alphabet! I'll leave the rest for Wednesday or Thursday, but to finish for now, a rather nice set of mounted knights from Crescent. Crescent always did their mounted figures in threes and the trick for a collector is to get one of each of the three horse poses, in each of the three colours...

...I fail, with two dark brown and no white, but that'll be easier to correct in the future than the figures themselves so not too shabby! Note how the lance plugs-in to prevent loss, the pose though is a bit awkward for that figure.


Sam Wise said...

... for collectors!
in my opinion, they are not very good figures! the poses are... er... and the colours are ... not better !

But interesting to see them, it's like discovering a new world.

Hugh Walter said...

Yes Sam...they definitely fall into the realism category of 'Toy Charm'!!!