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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

C is for Captain Video

Bit of eye-candy for the sci-fi 'pulp' fans with this box ticker...Lido's Captain Video space vehicles. Really a space-train, with each chassis having a hook at one end and a towing-eye at the other, they are to be attached in a chain and dragged round the carpet/sand-pit while the operator makes ray-gun noises!

The operator being encouraged by the plug-in ray-guns...

...and weird 'sails'...radar?

The downside with these tiny vehicles was that they are a hard polystyrene and subject to easy damage, while the plug-ins start life with quite a tight fit leading to snapped locating spigots, and latter - once they've worked a bit loose - loss. Likewise the wheels can work loose and disappear into the ether of lost toy parts!

Thanks to Mercator Trading for the photo-op.


johnpreece said...

Just wanted to say thanks for all of the posts in the last year. I have enjoyed following the blog whether for new information or the occasional 'I used to have one of those'.

Happy New Year

Hugh Walter said...

Thank you very much John...I'd love to return the compliment, but...you've rather starved me of my Spencer Smith / Eriksson fix in 2014! I'll have to did mine out and publish something...'Real life' I know! Maybe this coming year...?