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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

T is for Two...Tiny Tractors

Do you remember my erzgebirge rant a few years ago...E is for Erzgebirge? Well, I picked-up a couple of the tractors the other day...taking my fleet to 7! There are a couple of differences though, so made in another village, up the road!

The basic tractor is the same but they both have fly-wheels for driving static equipment like Thrashing engines, saw-beds or straw-elevators and they both have a little driver. The big difference between the new machines and the old ones, is that these were made for export and as well as having the 'foreign' moniker in English on the base, the Mobeltransport has been translated to 'Removals'...lovely!

Sadly this isn't mine; although I'm keeping my eyes out for one! Shot at Sandown Park back in the spring, this is a French (CIJ) soft-plastic clip-together kit of a Renault Tracteur Agricole! Isn't it a peach? Nothing to add; it's all in the picture! If it wasn't for the card you'd think it a cereal - or other - premium, but I suspect just a pocket-money toy?

More on the Brand at Wikipedia

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