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Saturday, October 3, 2015

B is for Bubble-gum Battle-wagons

We've looked at these before I think, and we will return to them one day, because I like them and it's my blog!

The one nearest to the camera is the one I remember from my childhood as far as colours and turret shape goes, but there were two turret designs and various colours. The pellet or pastille of gum contained within looked like a slightly over-sized pencil-end eraser, was the same pink shade and tasted absolutely disgusting!

These are Hong Kong products and I always thought they were copies of the Manurba ones which are in more primary colours with polystyrene turrets (these are all-ethylene polymer), but I'm beginning to wonder if the Manurba ones weren't that rare thing; reverse piracy, with a Western company copying an HK product, the detail on these is very sharp, my Manurba one - if memory serves is not so well defined...that's the excuse to look at them again - when the Manurba ones come out of storage!


James O'Connell said...

I remember getting these in Australia and kept some. I loved them although they were much smaller than any of my toy soldier scales.

Hugh Walter said...

Hi James...yes I tagged them as 1:No Scale because they are not really any specific size, the bodies and turrets equating to different scales, somewhere between 1:100 and N-gauge /1:120?...ish!