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Monday, October 5, 2015

News, Views Etc...

I love a single issue website that really nails the subject and here for fans of rub-down pictures is a brilliant site for the old Lettraset ranges...


Used to love these when we were kids...I have an unused Star Wars one some where, which came in a mixed lot of crud from an auction!


Red_Cardinal said...

That was a great trip down memory lane. As a kid in the seventies I used to love doing these transfers :)

Hugh Walter said...

Hi Red C, it's funny, I've been watching them on feeBay recently, and you can quickly build a collection, but...the ones that weren't desirable back in the day can be picked-up for 99p or a couple of quid buy-it-now, but the ones we wanted then get bid-up to 15 or 20 quid every time!