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Friday, November 20, 2015

101 is for Dalmatians! or; C is for Coat, Fur Coat...

I'd only just taken the photo's for these when someone posted them elsewhere so I've held them back for a year, but having uploaded them in August it's time to hit 'Publish' and get them out there and ticked off!

Difficult one to research as there is no real consensus as to the number of puppies modelled/issued, with one website I found having two different totals...on the same page!

As well as larger sets there were the little boxes of the 'Tinykin' type, each of which had this flyer - it doesn't help with the total and confuses by suggesting there might be more inanimate accessories than there actually are! [it's a hi-res image, scanned as a .jpg file for download/printing...right-click 'open link in new tab' then left click the plus sign and right-click 'save as']

The Baddies...Gurrrrr! Crewella de'Vil with her comedic side-kicks skinny Jasper and Fat Horace (were the roles written with Laurel & Hardy in mind?!! No, I don't think so!), these are unusual for Tinykins in being large 60/70mm figures, so as to be in-scale with the puppies.

The Goodies...yeay! Roger and Anita (who own the two adult dogs and get together as a result of them, was he actually Roger Goode?), the Preacher and the house-maid.

Of the 35/36/37+ puppies, I've got about 18 so far, complete or near complete, they turn up in little groups with a few OK and a few damaged and it'll be a while before I'm confident I've found them all! It's the tails, it's always the tails...

...top left are Mum & Dad: Perdita and Pongo.

Colonel and Sgt, Tibbs (the cat), with a couple of the accessories and my broken examples of puppies not seen in the previous shots with my favourite, (yo-yo?) who always looks like he's broken until you study him and realise he's scratching himself!

A few examples of paint/marking variations from the duplicates, there doesn't seem to have been much of a standardisation, except where a patch or blob is a recognisable character trait. They are apparently commoner in Europe and the UK so possibly a Marx Swansea thing/connection, as a result I've tagged the maker as both British and US!

Here's a link to a useful site for more on these, including the various sets:


Paul´s Bods said...

In the late 70´s An aunt gave me a few of those along with Peter pan figs. The pan figs were slightly bigger than 1/32nd size, if my Memory is right. All landfill now :-(

Hugh Walter said...

"LANDFILL?"!!!....vandal! ;-)


Ed and Bettina Berg said...

Wow! Cool! I had never seen these Tinykins figures before Hugh. Thanx for posting. We're big fans of the Disney cartoon as well as the first live action movie. This was one of the handful of Disney cartoons I actually saw in the theater back in the day (waaaay back I may add LOL)


Hugh Walter said...

Glad you liked the post Ed. One of the few Disney films I saw at the cinema too! Robin Hood and Fantasia being the only other ones I remember seeing? Possibly the Fantastic Journey (cats and dogs?), but that might have been on TV?