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Friday, November 20, 2015

M is for...err...have you guessed yet? Mali!

Mali....yeeeesss....did I say Mali on Wednesday? I think I said Mali.

Looking forward to the outpouring of grief, the proliferation of semi-transparent Mali flags as Facebook icons, a veritable plethora of Malian vexillology over the next 48 hours? No? Why not? Are we back to 'brown people' again?

There are calls in France for an end to public discussion of 'conspiracy theories'; all of them, however they might be defined, while the Chief Constable of Surrey has just been on the Radio apparently demanding machine guns! While our excreble excuse for a leader, the inadequate cockwomble Camaron is desperate to be allowed to play brum-brum's with the grown-ups in Syria.

Not because there is any tactical or strategic need for a half-dozen of our remaining aircraft to join the vast armadas of Russain and US 'planes (already backed-up by the French and others with their half-flights), but because targeted strikes in Iraq isn't carrying enough 'prestige' for him...

I hate to say I'm right, but if you think all this is anything other than the chickens of money-based, oil-fueled, Western-centric, capitalism coming home to roost, you're wrong!

Now - Lets see those Mali flags please...

This has just gone round the free-thinking internet so fast I don't know who to credit, but they are a credit to humanity and they know who they are!


Paul´s Bods said...

The french gov (along with others, ) has been trying/suggesting to ban "conspiracy theories" for a while now

Coincidentally, today, the "conspiracy Theorie " that undercover Police had infiltrated anti-war Groups..strongly denied for years and then they end up saying it was all true and they,the MET, today unreservably apologised for doing something that wasn´t actually Happening.

Hugh Walter said...

I know mate...I just threw a couple up there for the nee-sayers, if you started listing the crap that's going-on, going-through, being called-for or considered it'd be a hundred bullet-points long before you got to 'c'!

We literally ran out of antibiotics this week, it'll take a while to start culling us, but the conditions are ripe now! The Chinese should have cordoned the whole area and burned everyone and every thing in it (I can be Right Wing too!), instead the virus has gone to several labs, people have walked all over the area and the livestock are probably long gone into the food chain while the rivers flow!

Hotest October ever, hotest November expected...that's every month this hotest year, every month, everywhere!


Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

What about the theory that the ban on conspiracy theories is itself a conspiracy?

The sad/happy bit depending on POV is that one could take out 3/4 of world population and the world as opposed to ' civilization' would do just fine thank you. I'm sure the spiders will love it when we're finally gone. of course

Hugh Walter said...

Ross - I imagine Mother Nature is anticipating our accelerating demise with undisguised glee...it's not like she hasn't already tried to get rid of us more than once! And yes, even if the coming cataclysms kill all the large life (mass extinctions - like the one we're already in - usually do), lots of little things will stay for the post-extinction evolution explosion party!


[I'll delete one of your duplicate entries]

Anonymous said...

"I hate to say I'm right, but if you think all this is anything other than the chickens of money-based, oil-fueled, Western-centric, capitalism coming home to roost, you're wrong!"

What about Saudi Arabia and the UAE states then, Hugh? They are oil-fuelled and very capitalistic yet the very anti-thesis of 'western'? Some people are claiming that it is Saudi Arabia that is funding ISIS - but then that might just be another conspiracy theory.

Hugh Walter said...

I'm not sure what point you are trying yo make, or trying to counter there 'Anon', but I'll try to unpack your comment...

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are constructs of "...money-based, oil-fueled, Western-centric, capitalism..." They were born out of the machinations of predominantly France and Britain, but more latterly the US. They are propped-up by those Western countries, their existence relies on boarders arbitrarily drawn in the sand by us!

They (a bunch of wandering goat-heards given 'countries' in order to sign oil contracts with us at the start of the last century) espouse the Wahhabi doctrine of Islam which is shared/promulgated by Isis/Isil/IS/Deash, and have almost certainly supplied all those shiny, new Toyota 'technicals', combat fatigues and mountains of small-arms.

Yet we continue to deal with them, prop them up, protect them from Israel (whilst also protecting Israel from them!), and generally act without any moral scruples whatsoever.

Until we change - fundamentally - our dealing with everyone in the Middle East, we will know no peace there.

Indeed, as the real war is one of reformation between Sunni and Shir, and we know from our own history what a bloody and protracted business that will be, our best bet is to secure our boarders against terrorism where we can, accept terrorism when it does get through without surrendering our freedoms and democratic values and place the Middle East in quarantine until they've all stopped butchering each other, while taking genuine refugees as our democratic values of humanism should tell us to.

If Cameron needs to bomb somewhere else for reasons of prestige or personal aggrandisement, he could do no better that to bomb Saudi! But as we've sold them more, better tanks and 'planes than we've kept for ourselves I wouldn't advise it!

Whatever point you were trying to make, I believe it only reinforces what I'm trying to say, but then you're arguing from the Establishment's trench which is knee-deep in hypocritical pig-swill and the run-off from the two centuries of interference which has brought us to this point.

See what Morocco's doing with solar-energy and realise we don't need oil, fracking or deep earth burning of coal reserves, we need to start behaving like we're sapiens, not ignorant, war-happy, self-destructive monkeys.

Easy to bomb some more 'brown-people', far away!

Hugh Walter said...


Anonymous said...

Wasn't really intending to put the 'establishment's' (whatever, that is) case, Hugh but just wanted to point out that not all empires are and/or were white or European. Take the Ottoman Empire, for instance. It's easy to blame everything on white people and I would agree with you that it's still true that black people of all religions and also people from non-Christian backgrounds continue to be the main victims of racism despite the far right trying to paint white people as the victims. However, not all white people are bad and most people - whether white or black, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist whatever - were, though out history, mostly powerless individuals anyway. Not so long most of our ancestors' lives were mapped out as servants of the rich anyway and the British white working class person had about as much chance of ameliorating their poor living conditions as their black counterpart in the USA. Moreover, don't you think that at the end of the day a lot of what is going on is about getting control of the oil anyway?

Hugh Walter said...

I didn't say you were 'putting their case', I suggested you were standing in a trench of their pigswill which by default is full of lies and hypocrisies...hence your apparent confusion and sort of agreeing with me while trying to argue against the points I'm making!

I haven't suggested all Empires are white. I thought I had got across it's all about the oil. I agree that poor whites and black Africans get a hard time in white societies (and Zimbabwe where it's all the whites and poor blacks!)...in fact I'm not sure what your new point is, or where it differs from the points I've been making?

It was the break-up of the Ottoman Empire and Sykes–Picot which caused the majority of the problems in the Middle East and has remained a thorn in our sides ever since, so I'm not sure of your angle there either?

As you're anonymous, you're not going to get any accolades or reflected glory for any points you do score, any cutting epithets or humorous asides and as you seem to be taking us in broad, confused circles away from the original points, there's little to be gained by continuing, so I'll bow out of this one, have the last word if you need it!


Anonymous said...

Gosh, you do sound rather angry. I didn't intend to upset you or hurt your feelings - I was just intrigued by your post, sorry.