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Saturday, November 14, 2015

N is for Not Suprised

Who are we at war with? Eastasia or Eurasia?

Image - Wkipedia

It's the white bit we need to worry about as it's entirely a construct of Western intervention, colonialism, slavery, empire building and corporate land- and resource-grabs.

The only thing that surprises me about the last 16 hours is that people are still surprised! Orwell and Huxley warned us this was our future, how can we be surprised? Kafka and Heller patiently explained the madness we operate in and tolerate, how can we be surprised?

The answer - of course - is that the average citizen is a selfish, stupid, frightened creature with an abysmal knowledge of world affairs, his own country's political situation or the effects of capital on himself, those around him and the ecology of the entire planet.

It is a fact that in the next few days the sales of private body-armour (never to be worn) will go up, in countries that allow them (America) the sale of guns will peak this afternoon, and yet, tomorrow, the world will only have become slightly less safe!

If you are feeling surprised today; worried, confused, maybe a little frightened...my advise is go out and purchase another movie channel, subscribe to the new Games Workshop mechanism, buy a new iFone, get a scarf. you can never have too many scarves in the scarf drawer. Order a pizza with ALL the extras. It's what the rulers want you to do, carry on as normal, ignoring the fact that normal is the root of the problem. The root of all the problems.

Oh, and you could get CCTV throughout the house as you'll be doing a future government a favour if you prepare in advance of legislation!

To quote (misquote?) Private Baldrick -

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupiddidy stupid.


Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

History? You mean like waaay back like last month?

I used to think I wouldn't live long enough to see the side effects on the world inc human society, other animals, plants etc of human over population, global corporatism and consumerism etc etc but then 60 seemed old and 80 or 90 unimaginably so.

Hugh Walter said...

I hear you Ross...When I first (finally) got talked into signing up for Facebook - a couple of years ago - I quickly realised the tabloid level most people actually exist at and it worried me, I used to give the human race 80 years, about a year ago I dropped that prognosis to 60/65 years, in the last few weeks I've re-asset downward, I now think there's a very real chance of life-changeing global problems for sustaining human life in (within?) maybe 45 years?

Only this week an average temperature increase globally of 1% was confirmed, yet millions of people still think it's all a conspiracy...If I'd had children I'd despair, but I'd be manning the barricades, instead I watch those who should be fighting for their children and their children's children do nothing while TPP and TTIP make the end appear even sooner! But then 90% of the population of Europe don't know what TTIP is and the other 10%...they've signed the petitions against it!

One, single, solitary, sentient-species, sub-divided into hundreds of flag-waving little tribes, squabbling in the mud while the forest (Indonisia this month!) burns behind them...

Paul´s Bods said...

The whole thing, particually what the News media gives out etc is a construct..a construct proven false as soon as the light of mild scepticism added to logic is shone upon it..problem, soooooo few question it...or increasingly, dare to.
listening to a Reporter the other day giving the "script" on how certain Groups think and act, although logically he couldn´t possibly know, well, unless of course the "script" he was reading from was the one put in his Hand, gave me a very very uneasy Feeling of being Winston Smith.

Hugh Walter said...

And like Winstone you are surrounded by dim wits who know there's a problem but won't do anything because they think they can't, there's your Catch 22, we're imprisoned by a lack of vision on the part of the majority!